Centripetal: Force directed toward the center.

The Centripetal Force

centripetal [centripetal], adjective – directed toward the center

Unlike the HR world, centripetal is a concept that derives its roots in the scientific field of physics. The ever changing dynamic and unpredictability of people as human capital is a polar opposite to centripetal force which is defined, calculated, and measurable. Centripetal force is an inward pulling force that when combined with its more familiar counterpart of centrifugal force creates gravity – the balance that keeps our world in alignment. As Centrifugal force pulls outward Centripetal force pulls inward and constantly seeks it center and core.

Centripetal Consulting Group(CCG) has its foundation in that same concept as we seek to become the constant inward force that holds a company’s HR strategy in alignment with its core goals. CCG does this by serving our employer clients as an HR outsourcing consulting firm specializing in Vendor Procurement Outsourcing (VPO). CCG’s value and keen focus is to ensure our clients maximize human capital, their most valuable asset, by deploying an HR outsourcing strategy and partner with the most effective providers as their needs evolve through the business lifecycle.

CCG’s consultants keep a pulse on the growing marketplace of HR Outsourcing vendors and like the predictability and certainty of centripetal force, CCG has developed a scientific and measurable procurement process enabling us to match the best possible HR outsourcing solutions as a direct correlation to our client’s needs. This effective process has allowed employers of all sizes look to CCG as an extension of their HR department and involve us in all HR related decision-making processes. CCG’s clients save valuable time otherwise spent evaluating the wrong vendors. The CCG process also minimizes confusion as to differences between service offerings the multitude of HR outsourcing vendors who all claim to be the best in comparison to their competitors.  From a financial perspective, CCG client’s typically an average of 10% less from market value for the HR services procured through CCG’s VPO process. Best of all, the majority of CCG clients benefit from CCG’s consulting services at no cost to them!

Centripetal Consulting Group is:

Affordable: CCG provides HR Outsourcing Consulting services which focus on the analysis of a company’s unique HR needs and then makes calculated recommendations for the vendors which can best fulfill those needs within a defined budget.

Unbiased: CCG does not favor one vendor over another. Our basis for recommending HR solutions is strictly the client’s short term and long term goals.

Experienced: CCG’s team of consultants have over 50 years of combined HR outsourcing experience. This comprehensive range of HR outsourcing experience allows us to easily explain and eliminate the confusion related to the flavors of HR outsourcing service options.

Connected: CCG has valuable HR vendor relationships and has contracted with over 150 unique HR vendors as part of our vendor network. CCG negotiates with these vendors on our client’s behalf, thus ensuring that they get the most competitive offering for their money.

Proven: CCG has partnered with over 100 employers and completed over 130 unique consulting engagements resulting in over $150M of procured HR services.

Centripetal Consulting Group is not:

An HR service provider: CCG does not provide HR services directly. We are strictly focused on consulting with employers. Our HR vendor network provides services to our clients.

A sales organization: CCG’s goal is not to sell products or services. We are a trusted partner for our clients and eliminate the bias associated with salespeople that only represent their offering.

A TYPICAL consulting firm: CCG does not bill clients for our time. We are motivated by meeting our client’s unique needs and are not compensated until that goal is met.