Do PEO’s Still Deliver the Same Value to Employers?

Since the inception of co-employment or "staff-leasing" as it was referred to in the early 1980's, many small to midsize employers have utilized a PEO (Professional Employers Organization) an affordable HR outsourcing solution. Traditionally, in this … [Read more...]

Does a PEO Make Sense for Your Company?

The recent legislative changes that impact employers including healthcare reform, tax incentives for hiring unemployed workers, and the extension of the COBRA subsidy have many employers feeling overwhelmed and more confused than ever. The function … [Read more...]

Open Enrollment Process – The Three Approaches

The fact is that the open enrollment process is evolving, especially for small to mid-size employers. It is migrating from a stand-alone, manual process to an automated, integrated environment where the latest technologies combine to make open … [Read more...]

The Value of Total Compensation Statements

A MUST for 2013! Although recruiting quality employees is of upmost importance to a company’s overall strategy, retaining employees is also equally as critical. One of the common reasons that employees report as the reason for leaving their … [Read more...]

RPO, BPO, HRO… IDK (I Don’t Know)!

Did you know that an RPO is also a BPO which is a form of an HRO, but not to be confused with an ASO?  Are you confused? The alphabet soup of the HR Outsourcing industry has created more frustration than ever as employers try to decipher the value … [Read more...]

The Flavors of HR Outsourcing–PEO, HRO, ASO

Human Resources is one of the most critical functions for a small/mid-size business. HR Compliance alone presents so much risk and liability as an owner builds and grows an organization. One violation could cost an employer thousands, sometimes … [Read more...]

Making Work Opportunity Tax Credits WORK for YOU

One of the major current initiatives in Washington DC is creating a “jobs bill” to incent small and mid-sized business to begin hiring. Much of the discussion surrounds tax credits for hiring additional workers above and beyond the headcount before … [Read more...]

Best of Breed vs. Bundled HR Service Solutions Providers

Gartner Research reported the HR BPO market to have experienced compounded annual growth of nearly 11% through 2012 and they are forecasting 2013 to report an even higher growth result. One of the primary reasons for this sustained growth is the … [Read more...]

HR Outsourcing in a Down Economy

The mid-way point of 2013 is approaching and the economic forecasting remains positive, however the statistics still remain grim. Unemployment remains at a 20 year high, consumer spending is at the lowest levels since the early 1980s, and disposable … [Read more...]

Workers Compensation vs. Non-Subscriber Coverage for Texas Employers

As the economy continues in a downward spiral trend, employers continue to look for ways to cut costs in non-revenue generating areas of their business. One of these key areas is insurance.  As a private Texas employer, there is an option to “opt … [Read more...]