Banishing the Boring: Outsourcing Paperwork to PEO’s

Every successful business is built on a dream. Of course the dream itself may vary wildly in both scope and in substance. One man’s dream may rest atop the precarious spike of a Wall Street ticker; another man’s dream might just involve crafting the … [Read more...]

Size Matters: Health Insurance and Small Businesses

  Smaller employers continue to shun health insurance as business owners purportedly brace for Obamacare. Even in good economic times, small businesses have been lukewarm about providing health insurance to their employees. Providing … [Read more...]

Open Enrollment Process – The Three Approaches

The fact is that the open enrollment process is evolving, especially for small to mid-size employers. It is migrating from a stand-alone, manual process to an automated, integrated environment where the latest technologies combine to make open … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Employee Benefit Program

According to a 2007 study, more than two-thirds of employers feel that their employees don’t fully comprehend the value and costs associated with their insurance benefits. At the same time, two out of five employees say they don’t know which options … [Read more...]

Driving Down the Cost of Benefits with Technology

In light of the changes around Healthcare Reform that have already taken effect as well as the new mandates set forth in 2014, it appears that most employers will realize an even greater out of pocket expense to offer employee benefits. In addition … [Read more...]