Banishing the Boring: Outsourcing Paperwork to PEO’s

Every successful business is built on a dream. Of course the dream itself may vary wildly in both scope and in substance. One man’s dream may rest atop the precarious spike of a Wall Street ticker; another man’s dream might just involve crafting the … [Read more...]


What about COBRA? If your organization is confused about all the changes regarding ACA, you are not alone. Many are questioning if COBRA will become a thing of the past. Think again. If this function is handled internally and not outsourced to a … [Read more...]

The Importance of Broker Selection: 10 Must Ask Questions

Selecting the right health insurance broker is crucial to an organization’s overall strategy for managing employee benefits. This decision is even more critical when a company has decided to leave a PEO and now seeks direct representation within the … [Read more...]

Workers Compensation vs. Non-Subscriber Coverage for Texas Employers

As the economy continues in a downward spiral trend, employers continue to look for ways to cut costs in non-revenue generating areas of their business. One of these key areas is insurance.  As a private Texas employer, there is an option to “opt … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Control Your Workers Comp Premium

An employer’s experience modification factor is an important component that is used in calculating a company’s workers compensation premium. Controlling your modification factor will help you to control your costs. Here are a few tips to live by if … [Read more...]

Wellness: Should Our Company be Doing Something About it?

Currently, 62% of employers offer some type of wellness plan, whether that is as simple as discounts on gym memberships or as comprehensive as a multi-faceted points-based program. Regardless, an employer must view a wellness program as investment in … [Read more...]

Tips to Control Workers’ Compensation Costs

Regardless if employees are injured on the job due to their own careless behavior, those accidents are still covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. To reduce and/or avoid injury claims, it is crucial to continually promote … [Read more...]

What Business Owners Need to Know About Their 401(k) Plans

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) imposes special legal requirements of fiduciaries of 401(k) plans. Many business owners are unaware of the dangers they face under ERISA and the implications of being a fiduciary. Who is a … [Read more...]

Key Issues to Consider When Looking at Self Insuring your Health Plan

The upheaval around health care reform has left many employers feeling either powerless or confused. While many key details of the bill have yet to be defined, a few have begun to surface.  They are unsure whether it will make sense to “grandfather” … [Read more...]

The 10 Benefits of Conducting a Personal Health Assessment

If your organization decides that you will put a wellness plan in place, the first thing you should do is conduct an inventory of the current health of your employees.  This can be done by having your employees complete personal health assessments. … [Read more...]