Pick-A-PEO Primer: 10 Critical Considerations for Choosing a PEO

There are a variety of PEO’s in the marketplace that range from massive umbrella corporations to highly specialized niche partners. Because a PEO, or co-employment arrangement, is such an intimate affair, careful selection is paramount. A good … [Read more...]

How A PEO Can Help Your Business

3 unexpected reasons why businesses can fail, and how PEO’s can help. [sws_pullquote_left]If certain tasks outside of your core business become unmanageable, outsource them to professionals. Sometimes, the best thing an owner can do for his … [Read more...]

Banishing the Boring: Outsourcing Paperwork to PEO’s

Every successful business is built on a dream. Of course the dream itself may vary wildly in both scope and in substance. One man’s dream may rest atop the precarious spike of a Wall Street ticker; another man’s dream might just involve crafting the … [Read more...]

Why CEO’s need PEO’s

How Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) can help small to medium-sized, and even some larger businesses, stay competitive and lean without getting bogged down in the paperwork. [sws_pullquote_left]The PEO should become a natural, seamless … [Read more...]

Do PEO’s Still Deliver the Same Value to Employers?

Since the inception of co-employment or "staff-leasing" as it was referred to in the early 1980's, many small to midsize employers have utilized a PEO (Professional Employers Organization) an affordable HR outsourcing solution. Traditionally, in this … [Read more...]

Does a PEO Make Sense for Your Company?

The recent legislative changes that impact employers including healthcare reform, tax incentives for hiring unemployed workers, and the extension of the COBRA subsidy have many employers feeling overwhelmed and more confused than ever. The function … [Read more...]

Getting Out of a PEO

Many small to mid-size employers have looked to PEOs as an affordable HR outsourcing solution for managing liability and controlling the cost of health care and worker’s compensation insurance. The events of the past year have prompted employers to … [Read more...]