HR Compliance

Employers, small or large, will all agree that maintaining HR compliance is one of the most difficult tasks that an HR department must undergo. What is even more disappointing, is that the effort it takes does nothing “productive” for the company other than protect an employer from potential lawsuits or governmental penalties. Compliance is a necessary evil that is ever-changing and complex. Because of this, many employers have chosen to outsource this entire function or portions of this function to a third party HR provider who is an expert in this area.

Where Centripetal Can Help

Centripetal Consulting Group can help your company figure out where your company is at the greatest risk for non-compliance and determine if outsourcing or bringing in an HR specialist is necessary. We’ve partnered with niche HR service providers who can proactively offer advice on how to prevent non-compliance as well as providers who can correct a compliance discrepancy. Our clients have saved hours of time and thousands in attorney fees by utilizing us to help direct them to the best resource for addressing the multitude of HR compliance issues that an employer is subjected to. It never hurts to “know what you don’t know” before it is too late.