A PEO is a very complex solution for managing the HR function. This outsourcing solution is multi-faceted and continues to evolve, making it even more complex for employers to understand. A PEO can be a very beneficial solution for certain employers IF you, the employer are informed about the decision to move into a co-employment relationship. Certain PEO’s offer more flexible solutions, such as carve out health or workers comp plans, for their customers, thus making the puzzle even more complex. Many employers are not informed enough in this industry to know which PEO’s are best suited for their particular needs. On the flip side, getting out of a PEO can be even more confusing for an employer. Aside from cost, the timing must be right, and the impact to the employees must be minimized to make this transition.

Where Centripetal Can Help

Centripetal Consulting Group has made this process much easier for the confused employer. We help our clients on both ends of the spectrum, whether your company is looking at a PEO as a solution or whether you are considering moving away from one. Based upon your company’s situation, our expertise will enable you to be well-informed of the benefits and potential risks of either scenario. We’ve developed financial models that will simplify evaluating the 4 main functional areas: health insurance, workers compensation, employer taxes, and administrative services.

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