How to Succeed in HR Sales: Embrace the Pain

How To Succeed In HR Sales | by Amy Grimmer | Centripetal Consulting Group

Wanna get a bigger commission? Looking for a new sales job in the HR Outsourcing industry? Put in the work. Meet the right people. Embrace the pain. And go get it.

Every sales professional is looking for that perfect opportunity. The ideal gig. The dream job. They’re looking for love-at-first-sight, so to speak. They’re looking for the kind of passion-induced aspirations, filled with zeitgeist and direction and purpose, that the lead protagonists in hit movies suddenly get halfway through a feel-good film.

If life were a movie, this is the part where the rich, long lost uncle, and head of a multinational corporation doing billions in revenue, calls in asking you to lead his company to glory and success. Or for salespeople, this is where that one big catch, worth thousands, millions, or even billions of dollars, comes a knocking on your door looking to buy.

And all you have to do is agree to let them give you their money.

Creative types call this pivotal event the “big idea”, a personal hero moment, that will launch them from ignominy and anonymity to celebrity status and immense wealth. Successful people call it wishful thinking. After all, nothing ever got done in a brilliant instant of glorious existential triumph (at least not on purpose).

Everything happens for a reason – because you made it happen! Or didn’t.

Nowhere is this more true than in the sales profession and with HR Outsourcing Sales Professionals.

Success and Failure

Every successful win is preceded by an agonizing eternity of planning, strategizing, positioning, perfecting, polishing, presenting, persuading, and finally failure. Not once, but many, many, many times. Only then does success follow.

That’s right: failure is the key to success.

If this sounds like a cliche, the kind of mantra they put on motivational posters or the sort of phrase that comes out of a sales manager’s mouth, it’s because it’s true.

The road to success is paved in pain – the pain of moving. The pain associated with changing states, from overcoming entropy and apathy. If someone said you could have anything you want, if you just reached out and took it, they would be lying.

But if you never reach out at all, you won’t get anything you want at all. And that’s 100 percent hard fact.

Pain of Discipline versus Pain of Regret

The difference between discipline and regret is NOT success or failure. Discipline does not guarantee success. Discipline is hard. In HR Outsourcing Sales the kind of discipline exhibited by successful sales professionals might look like diligence in prepping for certain prospects, networking constantly and, of course, persistence. Naturally, in the world of sales, persistence pays.

But of course, persistence is painful. Persistence is keeping at it in spite of how uncomfortable, awkward, or downright frustrating the sales process may be. However, we know that the pain associated with rigorous discipline, like a good workout regime, only lasts so long, yet produces real results. The alternative to that is the pain of regret, of not seizing the moment – and that lasts forever.

It’s time to embrace the pain and get the ball rolling. Centripetal can help.

Are you ready to make your own moves, to take concrete steps towards shaping your own future? Are you tired of waiting for sales success to fall into your lap? Are you ready to put in embrace the pain to get what you want? Centripetal Consulting Group can help. We are the force that moves.


We are here to help you.

About Amy Grimmer

Amy Grimmer currently serves as President and CEO of Centripetal Consulting Group (CCG). Grimmer founded the company in 2007 with the concise mission to revolutionize the positive business impact that employers realize through HR Outsourcing. Both CCG clients and its HR services vendor network of HR look to Grimmer and CCG’s associates as a trusted, unbiased resource to understanding the complexity of HR Outsourcing. Grimmer’s vast knowledge of the HR Outsourcing space, CCG’s client focused approach, and the continued rapid growth in the HR Outsourcing industry are all contributing factors to the success of Centripetal Consulting Group.
Prior to founding CCG, Amy Grimmer served the human resource outsourcing industry in a business development capacity. Her experience spans several functional HR practice areas including HR Outsourcing Strategy, Payroll/Tax Filing, HRIS and Benefits Administration, Health & Welfare Consulting, Retirement Plans, Workers Compensation, PEO/ASO Arrangements, HR Compliance, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Grimmer’s prior employers include Ceridian, ADP, Aerotek, Advantec, and RSM McGladrey Employer Services.
Amy Grimmer exhibits extreme passion and dedication to the HR outsourcing industry and is an avid networker, author, and student of her profession. Amy has published several articles, whitepapers, and E-Books on various topics within the HR Outsourcing space.
Amy is a graduate of the University of Missouri and holds a BA in Communications and a BA in English. She has completed coursework for her Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management at Lindenwood University.

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