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Centripetal Consulting Group HR Sales Recruiting Services is a natural extension of CCG Consulting. Similar to the CCG Consulting FORCE where we match employer HR needs with HR Vendor Capabilities, CCG Recruiting matches HR Provider Sales Talent needs with HR Industry experienced Sales Talent.

If you are a frustrated HR sales leader who is in desperate need of BETTER talent or you are a proven HR industry sales dynamo seeking your next career move, learn how Centripetal can meet your goal like no other industry resource!

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Sales Candidate

  1. HR Industry Industry Experts: With over 50 years of combined HR sales experience, we are unlike other recruiters who may be able to “talk the talk” and know the buzz words of HR Outsourcing, but most cannot tout that they have lived and worked doing what our candidates do. Our resume actually looks like your resume.  Our recruiters truly know the industry, where it has been, the landscape today, and most importantly where it is headed.
  2. Exclusive HR Outsourcing Focus:  100% of recruiting efforts are dedicated to working with sales talent in the HR Outsourcing space.  CCG has a constant flow of new sales positions and a thriving pipeline of potential opportunities with organizations that seek exceptional talent and proven HR industry success and experience. This allows CCG to present multiple opportunities for our candidates to consider.
  3. Unique Access to Decision Makers: Because of the established relationships CCG has developed though our consulting practice, we have direct access to the key sales leaders in the HR space. This allows us to passively or proactively market our candidates to the BEST HR firms for positions that other other recruiters or salespeople are not privy to. We can leverage and maximize our networks better than any resource.
  4. Partner Focused: Because of our industry knowledge, we not only open doors for new career opportunities, we are more than happy to provide advice and share market intelligence and expertise while protecting your confidentiality. We compensate you for your referrals and knowledge in return Just ask one of the 200 salespeople that CCG has successfully placed, and they will assure you we can be trusted!

Sales Leader

  1. Access to Top-Tier Talent: Centripetal Consulting Group is in constant contact with the top HR sales reps, many times your direct competitors during the CCG consulting sales process. Not only do we see the sales people in action – learning their sales style and process and thus witnessing their success, we also maintain a pulse on their desire to make a career move. So when we approach these industry heavy hitters, they answer the phone! Traditional recruiters, especially internal recruiters may not even know their name and rarely get a returned phone call.
  2. Mutual Partner Focused Relationship: Not only is CCG second to none in placing top talent that boost your revenue, we ADD to you bottom line by also bringing you new client sales opportunities through our consulting practice. No other recruiting agency offers that! This allows us to mutually benefit and share in the revenue reward!
  3. Lower Recruiting Fees: Because of our exclusive HR sales industry focus, our internal processes are more efficient because we maintain a thriving pipeline of talent that is readily available allowing us to charge clients less that typical non-industry focused recruiting firms.
  4. Decreased Time to Hire: Because we focus our recruiting efforts on sales teams in this industry, we have a thriving pipeline of sales talent that continues to grow, thus allowing us to react and fill your demands for talent faster than traditional recruiting agencies.
  5. Proven Success: Since company inception, CCG Recruiters and strategic recruiting partners have successfully placed nearly 200 sales and sales leadership professionals for our clients which include HRIS Technology providers, Benefit Brokerage firms, PEO’s, Payroll Outsourcers, and other HR related services.