The Art of Rainmaking in HR Outsourcing Sales

The Art of Rainmaking in HR Outsourcing Sales | Centripetal

How to gain new business, win new accounts, generate significant cash flow and, in essence, make it rain.

Stop Being Just Another Salesperson

No one likes a slick salesman. Salespeople themselves don’t even like the term “salesman”. It’s tainted. In fact, most salespeople prefer to call themselves something else, anything else.

[sws_pullquote_left]The art of rainmaking is not the same as the art of simply selling more. — Amy Grimmer [/sws_pullquote_left] Retail and showroom floor peddlers love to use the term “associate”. Insurance salesmen call themselves “financial planners”. Every college graduate with a Facebook account, and a resume that needs padding, lists themselves as experienced “social media consultants”. Corporate types prefer “business developer”.

So where does it end? The truth is, it doesn’t. They all mean the same darn thing to consumers. Whether in the boardroom or in the showroom, a salesman is a salesman no matter what they are hawking.

Yet on the flipside of the semantic coin, rainmakers, especially in the HR Outsourcing Sales industry are highly regarded and viewed as esteemed paragons of daring, problem solving, and financial success.

What’s the difference? Rainmakers are, quite simply, successful salespeople who do it right – although very few salesmen become rainmakers. In fact, a significant proportion of HR Outsourcing sales professionals are doing it wrong – and giving the necessary profession a bad name in the process. After all, people don’t hate salesmen per say, they just hate bad salesmanship.

They hate the obvious mind games, gimmicks, and below-the-belt scheming. They hate being run around in circles. They hate wasting their time. Most of all, they hate being manipulated – having their agency taken from them through lies, pressure, or a combination of both.

From a rainmaker’s perspective, this selfish approach is doing it wrong. In fact, the difference between a rainmaker, and the multitude of snake-oil salesmen that populate the imaginations of the people, is a difference in perspective leading to a difference in approach.

In the purest sense, a rainmaker is simply someone that makes a positive difference.

Making Rain in HR Outsourcing Sales

The art of rainmaking is not the same as the art of simply selling more. It is the art of just being a friendly, helpful, and sincere human being – something all of us are capable of.

But for some reason, the pursuit of money, or at least closing a sale, can sometimes turn perfectly good people into manipulative sociopaths. If the only end goal is to make a sale, well, there’s not much guiding the approach is there?

But rainmakers in HR Outsourcing Sales see it differently. The goal is to identify dormant or hidden problems, and develop a vision of what it would be like if that problem is solved. Then they simply go about solving it. More sales are the result, not the driving impetus. As it turns out, goals matter.

A Sale Is Not Given, It Is Won

Rainmakers are not simply handed a sale. They win it through determination, planning, and the ability to inject value and trust into the lives of their clients. However, this should not be taken to mean that to be successful one must be pushy or conniving.

Quite the opposite. Rainmakers in HR Outsourcing Sales don’t try to manipulate; they try their best to help. Rainmakers don’t tell the customer what to do; they offer useful knowledge and insight that will help a customer come to their own conclusions. Rainmakers develop demand, as opposed to simply reacting to it. They cultivate relationships and strive to make human connections with their prospects. Most importantly, rainmakers can suspend self-interest when necessary and win sales in the process.

Sure, it is possible, even easier sometimes to make a sale through clever manipulation and some timely pressure. But if the end result is a fuming customer, don’t expect to make much rain. Remember, it’s the connection, bonded on trust, that matters, not necessarily the sale.

The Secret

As it turns out, the secret to how rainmakers in HR Outsourcing Sales approach sales is not such a secret after all. It is a combination of hard work, diligence, and yes, love. The reason we hate sales is because it is, more often than not, approached in a way that is patently and unmistakably selfish.

But true sales professionals, the rainmakers know that it’s the process that matters. It’s the whole dance itself. By developing trust-based pipelines of friends, acquaintances, professionals and ultimately, industry insiders, the rainmaker creates an apparatus focused on people, not results.

Through it, they create their own demand. How? By selling a vision and winning fans.

Need help making the right connections? Need assistance formulating the right approach? Centripetal can help!

We are here to help you.

About Amy Grimmer

Amy Grimmer currently serves as President and CEO of Centripetal Consulting Group (CCG). Grimmer founded the company in 2007 with the concise mission to revolutionize the positive business impact that employers realize through HR Outsourcing. Both CCG clients and its HR services vendor network of HR look to Grimmer and CCG’s associates as a trusted, unbiased resource to understanding the complexity of HR Outsourcing. Grimmer’s vast knowledge of the HR Outsourcing space, CCG’s client focused approach, and the continued rapid growth in the HR Outsourcing industry are all contributing factors to the success of Centripetal Consulting Group.
Prior to founding CCG, Amy Grimmer served the human resource outsourcing industry in a business development capacity. Her experience spans several functional HR practice areas including HR Outsourcing Strategy, Payroll/Tax Filing, HRIS and Benefits Administration, Health & Welfare Consulting, Retirement Plans, Workers Compensation, PEO/ASO Arrangements, HR Compliance, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Grimmer’s prior employers include Ceridian, ADP, Aerotek, Advantec, and RSM McGladrey Employer Services.
Amy Grimmer exhibits extreme passion and dedication to the HR outsourcing industry and is an avid networker, author, and student of her profession. Amy has published several articles, whitepapers, and E-Books on various topics within the HR Outsourcing space.
Amy is a graduate of the University of Missouri and holds a BA in Communications and a BA in English. She has completed coursework for her Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management at Lindenwood University.

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