RPO, BPO, HRO… IDK (I Don’t Know)!

Centripetal Consulting Group

Did you know that an RPO is also a BPO which is a form of an HRO, but not to be confused with an ASO?  Are you confused? The alphabet soup of the HR Outsourcing industry has created more frustration than ever as employers try to decipher the value and services offered by the multitude of vendors on the market. This is especially true in the recruitment sector.  Additional buzz words like HCM, Total Talent Management and Talent Acquisition also flood vendor marketing material which adds to the confusion.  The real question is: Do you really CARE what one vendor calls their service versus another?  Your need is SIMPLE: you seek to hire the best people.  The solution is SIMPLE as well.

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Centripetal Consulting Group (CCG) will alleviate the need for you to understand the alphabet soup of HR acronyms. We understand your pain and can become the single resource for locating the right people quickly without costing you a fortune. Contact us if any of these statements are true:

  • You recruit specialized positions from a limited talent pool that is difficult to access.
  • You recruit in high volumes and can’t keep the pipeline filled with quality candidates.
  • You are frustrated with managing multiple recruiting agencies.
  • You pay high recruiting fees to agencies yet are seeing sub-par results and spotty service.
  • Your staff is bogged down with other HR tasks and can’t focus on recruiting.
  • You do not have the tools or the network to tap into passive job seekers.
  • You have a limited recruiting budget but the hiring managers keep demanding better results.

Learn how CCG acts as the Centripetal force as part of your recruiting strategy.

Our clients see these results:

  • Decreased time-to-hire
  • Access to top-tier talent pool of passive job seekers
  • Lower recruiting fees
  • Single-source contact and streamlined process

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About Amy Grimmer

Amy Grimmer currently serves as President and CEO of Centripetal Consulting Group (CCG). Grimmer founded the company in 2007 with the concise mission to revolutionize the positive business impact that employers realize through HR Outsourcing. Both CCG clients and its HR services vendor network of HR look to Grimmer and CCG’s associates as a trusted, unbiased resource to understanding the complexity of HR Outsourcing. Grimmer’s vast knowledge of the HR Outsourcing space, CCG’s client focused approach, and the continued rapid growth in the HR Outsourcing industry are all contributing factors to the success of Centripetal Consulting Group.
Prior to founding CCG, Amy Grimmer served the human resource outsourcing industry in a business development capacity. Her experience spans several functional HR practice areas including HR Outsourcing Strategy, Payroll/Tax Filing, HRIS and Benefits Administration, Health & Welfare Consulting, Retirement Plans, Workers Compensation, PEO/ASO Arrangements, HR Compliance, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Grimmer’s prior employers include Ceridian, ADP, Aerotek, Advantec, and RSM McGladrey Employer Services.
Amy Grimmer exhibits extreme passion and dedication to the HR outsourcing industry and is an avid networker, author, and student of her profession. Amy has published several articles, whitepapers, and E-Books on various topics within the HR Outsourcing space.
Amy is a graduate of the University of Missouri and holds a BA in Communications and a BA in English. She has completed coursework for her Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management at Lindenwood University.


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